Have your job kept you busy? Have you heard about a very interesting training or seminar – unfortunately too late because the event took place already?

This is no problem anymore. You can just press the rewind bottom and let it happen again … as often as you like!
DME now offers training courses and seminars as real-time recorded films on Blue Ray and DVD.

DME started this new service in 2013 after 10 years of praxis and now integrated it in the DME portfolio of services.
Now you have three possibilities to follow a DME training course, seminar or workshop:

First and best thing to do is to come and to join the event in person. Optional to a seminar is a book of all presentations in an A5 four-color print-out .

Second way to follow and recapture the content of the course, seminar or workshop afterwards is to order a hardcover book in A5.

Third option, which is new now, is to buy a Blue Ray or DVD of the course, seminar or workshop in full length including all questions and answers of all lectures given. This means 45 minutes lectures each recorded live and processed.

Watching the video, of course, does not offer you the chance to ask questions yourself. But you can be assured that many questions have already been posed and answered by the lecturer.

In this context we would like to recommend to you our free of charge online seminar

Click here to open Free Online Seminar in english, arabic, german

This seminar is available in three languages and gives an overview of the most common methods of desalination. At the end of the seminar you will be asked questions and you will get the answers right away explained in detail.

Download here DME Desalination Training Publications