Desalination Powered by Renewable Energy S-002-2018

Desalination Powered by Renewable Energy S-002-2018

Desalination powered by solar energy is the oldest method nature does practice at all.

In this Seminar state of the Art developments in Solar, Wind and other Energy powered Desalination will be demonstrated. Participants will have the chance to get an outlook into the upcoming developments.

The seminar will illustrate large solar driven desalination plants as well as local and small island solutions.

Further details and your registration can be found in our program:



This seminar is primarily aimed at representatives of companies and universities as well as representatives of research and those who want to acquire this special know-how.

Our program is as follows:

Start 08:30          Registration

09:00 – 09:15      Welcome address

09:15 – 09:35      Technology review—Desalination with Renewable Energies, SIJ, Christiano Boura (DE)

09:35 – 09:55      Cost for Renewable Water Production, DME GmbH, Claus Mertes (DE)

09:55 – 10:10      Questions

10:10 – 10:30      Solar Steam Generators, Oil and Gas Industry Oman, Lahmeyer, Stryk (D)                                    

10:30 – 10:50      Barriers and Priorities on Renewable Desalination, CIEMAT-Plataforma Solar de Almería, Guillermo Zaragoza (SP)

10:50 – 11:05 Questions

11:05 – 11:20 Coffee

11:20 – 11:40 CSP & Freezing CSP & Freezing, DLR, Hennecke (DE)

11:40 – 12:00 CSP & MED, Tomatos by solar power in Australia, Aalborg CSP A/S, Peter Badstue Jensen (DK)

12:00 – 12:15 Questions

12:15 – 13:15 Lunch

13:15 – 13:35 RES/DESAL Survey 2018 – Supplier and R&D Institutions, DME GmbH, Claus Mertes (DE)

13:35 – 13:55 PV & RO in South America, DWC, Oliver Kopsch (DE)

13:55 – 14:10 Questions

14:10 – 14:25 Coffee

14:25 – 14:45 MVC with Wind or PV, MWE GmbH, Ulrich Plantikow (DE)

14:45 – 15:05 Solarheat and MSD, Klemens Schwarzer, IBEU Jülich (DE)

15:05 – 15:25 Questions

15:25 – 15:45 The TUM DeSal Challenge, Dr. Markus Spinnler, TU Munich (DE)

16:45 End

This program is preliminary and will be adapted as part of the planning


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