Future Desalination Technology – S-007-2022 – engl. – October 2022


Subject Description:

Everyone is familiar with MSF, MED, RO, NF, UF. Some may have had contact with MD, FO or CDI. But who knows how it works and what comes after MD, FO or CDI. The Desalination Institute DME, based on its research in the field and patent applications around the separation of aqueous solutions, has compiled a number of new and interesting technologies presented by inventors, patent holders or researchers that show where the journey in desalination may go in the future. As we all know, new and good ideas are always more needed in the field of desalination. Desalination Institute DME is very proud to have gathered this group of people to show a whole new way of how saline waters can be desalinated in the future. So as not to raise your expectations too high, you should NOT think of this event as a shopping opportunity for your company, but as an illustration of what is coming next.

Who should attend.

This symposium is primarily aimed at all those who think outside the box of the usual. Also welcome are suppliers, consultants, engineers and investors, universities and research centre staff, and anyone who wants to make special contacts. Investment companies and venture capital find new ways to invest in an old market with new technology here.

The flyer is published here

Online - Desalination Academy

Online - Desalination Academy - https://academy.di-dme.de

Online - Desalination Academy http://academy.di-dme.de

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