Mini & Micro RO Desalination Systems (Digital Forum & Fair)

Mini and Micro RO Desalination Systems

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Desalination Fair Ground is now open for you. Test and find out. On 15.06.2021 this link will be closed and the only way in is via the Desalination Academy. We need to balance the load.

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Here is an excerpt from the list of speakers and companies representing:

• Dr. Dirk Wittenberg – Senior Vice President Water Treatment WILO SE

• Boreal Light GmbH – Dr. Hamed Beheshti

• UNIHA Wasser Technologie GmbH – Dr. Paul Schausberger

• EDS Sustenergy – Rodrigo Cerqueira – Brazil

• Aqseptence Group GmbH, Janine Witt – Manager of the Aqseptence Academy Water Processing Solutions

• H. Anger’s Söhne Bohr- und Brunnenbauges. MbH, Mirko Huber – Betriebsführer, Operations Superintendent

• LGChem – LG NanoH2O – Alvaro Lagartos – Senior Applications Engineer / Water Solutions Business

• Suez – Dr. Jens Lipnitzki – Director Commercial Pure Water EMEA

• Toray Membrane Europe AG – Dr.-Ing. Felix Barquero – Technical services & RO Product Manager

• Grundfos – Katrina Zlobich – Head of Global Service Sales Development

• energy recovery (ERI) – Erik Tynes, Director for Business & Application Development

• Danfoss – Javier Lorenzo – Technical Sales Manager

• Salinnova – Torsten Schottler – Salinnova Trading Partner ASEAN

• FEDCO – Fluid Equipment Development Company – Giancarlo Barassi – Business Development – USA

• Streametric – Alexander Ubl – CEO

• LGChem – LG NanoH2O – Raúl Santos – Senior Technical Service Engineer

• Berghof Membrane Technology GmbH – Oriol Jiménez Sabé – Spain

• Lenntech NL – Christos Charisiadis Innovation & Business Development

• Desalination Institute DME, Claus Mertes, Head of Institute

• Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) – Prof. Tobias Blenninger – Brazil

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IFAT heads a global network of eight trade fairs worldwide. IFAT Munich is the world’s largest trade fair for environmental technologies. This is where the global water, sewage, waste and raw materials management industry presents its solutions for industry and municipalities—with the aim of keeping valuable resources in circulation, from plastics and building materials to the „blue gold.” Save the date: May 30 to June 3, 2022.

About Desalination Digital Fair & Forum:

1.000.000 m³/day capacity desalination plants are big industrials sides. The working horse in desalination are capacities of some 10 m³/d to 1.000 m³/day. This plants globally do cover the by fare the biggest number of all build and operated desalination plants.

This plants do secure water supply without being connected to public water networks. Mostly Hotels and also local industry are heavily based on such systems.

The event is concentrated on Mini & Micro Desalination Systems, its components, compact units, operation and maintenance on a global scale.

The simple and robust handling of such plants will be the key subject. Efficient Energy consumption has to be focused. The forum will have a close look at this area. Robustness and availability is the key in this business.

This forum is primarily aimed at representatives of hotels and tourism as well as small and medium sized enterprises. Also welcome are universities and staff of research centres and all those who want to acquire this special know-how.

In parallel to the forum all registered participants do have the option to visit our newly build virtual fair ground and meet and talk to all participants and exhibiting companies and entities.

In case you are interested to exhibit and present your company and services at the fair please get in contact with us on

The maximum number of participants in the Forum is limited to 250 for technical reasons.
Participation in our Online – Fair – Forum costs a total of 50 euros.

Starting from participant 251, all participants are automatically registered only for the fair at 25,- Euros.
The maximum number of all Fair participants is 1.500.

For further questions we are happy to help you!

Recordings and recordings of the event require the written consent of the organizer and is forbidden.

The program and registration for the Digital Fair & Forum from here (Download)pdf.

Our structure of all Sessions within the Forum are shown here:

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