In 2014 an international group of selected companies have determined and globally collected data in the desalination Business focusing on future technologies, companies, R&D institutes and country water profiles. It was found a lot of the observed technology based companies are struggling setting strategic long term gaols. These companies permanently are looking for technology partners and technology to buy.

Doing this they optimise what they do. But are they innovative? Are they able to implement innovative technology into their established business? How fare can a technology provider go not compromising his own technology portfolio. We have started the multi-client study 2015 to explore this dilemma.

The study will address three fundamental questions:

The 2015 study will address three fundamental questions:

  1. Register small and medium size desalination plants is possible?
  2. Who did file what desalination patent?
  3. What Desalination R&D paper are published and discussed today?


Can national and international desalination funding be monitored?

  1. How can IT Robots help feeding a desalination data pool?
  2. Can there be a objective evidence for project references?


The insights will be invaluable to new and existing market players, Start-ups developers and potential investors in desalination such as Banks and VC Funds, water suppliers and water off-taker and desalination project developers across the globe.


We are drawing on the approach developed in our MCS 2014, placing informed stored in our database and between key stakeholders at the heart of the project Based on this we will develop additional profiles and clusters providing first class first hand information.

Fore more details, just download this handout:


What has been done already you will find at


The Steering Group of Founders will determine:

– the direction and focus of the study

– modelling relationships to be considered

– key assumptions and scenarios

– alternative technology measures to examine

We are extending our already developed state-of-the-art modelling to quantify the alternative scenarios and technology frameworks, greater our acclaimed intermittency model which appraises patterns of regional desalination demand, energy sources available and distribution networks.

The model approach should include structured investment decisions on production investment and closure.


Water must be available to every human being in a sufficient quality and volume and it must be supplied under socially acceptable and environmentally friendly conditions. (The vision of DME)

The biggest part of the world’s surface (71 %) is covered with water. Only 3 % of the water resources worldwide is portable water and the rest of 97 % is salty water, not drinkable for human beings. DME was founded in May 2003 and was committed to uniting the know-how existing in Germany with the interests of the economy, the sciences and politics and in creating a platform for exchanging experience and for offering further education on seawater desalination.

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