Desalination Technology Development Benchmark

Summit Meeting on an Underwater Mountain Marine scientists from Kiel install observatory in the tropical Atlantic

17 February 2017/Kiel, Mindelo. Seamounts are oases of the oceans: they form diverse ecosystems and provide habitats for numerous organisms. However, the links between physical, biological and biogeochemical processes that surround seamounts are still enigmatic. Tomorrow….


Desalination Technology Development Benchmark

The more and more growing range of technology used in the desalination industry demonstrates the pressure of development in this market segment.

The variety of new technological possibilities increases the selection further.

A safe classification of a new technology according to clear and comprehensive rules gives the requested and necessary orientation to every market player, starting from the developer via the investor up to the operator.

DME developed a 10 rating scale and adopted it to the newest technologies in water processing.

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