A new drinking water supply system supplies 45,000 people in Obock – DJIBOUTI

The new drinking water supply system (AEP) has been operational since February 17, 2022. The system located in Obock Province, Djibouti was made possible by a grant from Saudi Arabia, through the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD).

The $10 million in funding provided to the Djibouti government has enabled the construction of various facilities in Bissidiro.

In the town located in the north of Obock province, eight reservoirs store water pumped from boreholes. This water is distributed to the population via 105 km of pipes.


Eiffage Génie Civil and Tedagua deliver Djibouti renewable desalination development

A €63 million development in Djibouti will see up to 45,000 m3/day of drinking water delivered by renewable powered desalination.

The country’s Economy and Finance Ministry has commissioned the deal, with the National Water and Wastewater Treatment Office (ONEAD) serving as project manager. French engineering company Eiffage Génie Civil, taking €37 million from the deal, will deliver it in a consortium with Spanish water company Tedagua.

To be built in the Doraleh neighbourhood, the desalination plant will initially have a capacity of 22,500 m3 /day with plans to extend production to 45,000 m3/day. In addition, a 5,000 cubic metre storage tank and a 8.5 km-long pipeline of 700 mm of diameter will be built to connect the plant to the city’s public water system.

The works will begin immediately and last three years.