Electrodialysis (ED)

Coming soon: DME e.V. Desalination Technology Map – Moers – Germany

Coming soon: DME e.V. Desalination Technology Map
Dienstag, Dezember 19, 2017

Comprehensive overview on 17 desalination technologies (part 1)

(in alphabetical order):

CDI – Cpacitive Deionization

ED/EDR – Electrodialysis (Reverse)

EDI – Electrodeionization

FD – Freeze-Thaw Desalination

FO – Forward Osmosis

GH – Gas Hydrates

HD – Humidification-Dehumidification

IX – Ion Exchange

MED – Multi-Effect-Distillation

MD – Membrane Distillation

MDC – Microbial Desalination Cells

MSF – Multistage Flash Evaporation

MVC – Mechanical VApor Compression

OTED – Ocean Thermal Energy Desalination

RO – Reverse Osmosis

RSE – Rapid Spray Evaporation

TVC – Thermal Vapor Compression

Introduction to the fundamentals of desalination (part 2)

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Coming soon: DME e.V. Desalination Technology Map – Moers – Germany2017-12-21T11:23:07+01:00

Smart Electrodialysis

EDDI – Eletrodialysis Desalinator for Desalination

Smart Electrodialysis
Electrodialysis is a method of desalination where you use electricity to move the ions of a salt into different channels of water in a parallel stack of flat channels. It has benefits over reverse osmosis in that it doesn’t use plumping systems that need to be watertight under high pressure, and has a longer maintenance schedule.

By using electrodialysis, the system can also be made “smarter” by supplying a specific amount of power to get a specific salinity. This method is especially useful to farmers who often have a financial tradeoff [

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