Innovative Water Treatment Technologies – India

…. We have a very new solution – the low energy membrane system. It was launched a few months ago. The aim is to ensure environmental protection by employing water recycling. This saves 10-20% of energy depending on the water flow. In the Indian context, there are some industries where quality of water is not that good and where energy usage is high. Here we use ULP (Ultra Low Pressure) membrane where consumption of water is very less. This technology finds application in heavy industry like fertilisers and textiles. LANXESS is introducing its highperformance Lewabrane reverse osmosis membranes, Lewatit […]

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Successful practice tests in Egypt for LANXESS

Membrane elements from LANXESS for seawater desalination

Cologne – Specialty chemicals company LANXESS showcased its new Lewabrane RO S product line at this year’s Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) in early June 2014. The family of products currently encompasses three grades of spiral-wound membrane elements for reverse osmosis (RO), which were specially developed for seawater desalination. Alexander Scheffler, director of Membrane Business in the LANXESS Liquid Purification Technologies business unit, says: “Seawater makes up some 97 percent of all the water on earth. The desalination of seawater for use in farming and in drinking water production is therefore a very attractive […]

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