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Southern Water dumps controversial £600m desalination plant – to the delight of New Forest East MP Julian Lewis – England

CONTROVERSIAL plans for a £600m water plant at Fawley have been dumped by Southern Water.

It has confirmed it will not be proceeding with a proposed desalination facility at Ashlett Creek to safeguard against water shortages after a “wide-ranging and collaborative assessment”.

The news was welcomed by New Forest East MP Julian Lewis – who had been vocally opposed to the plan.

Assurance over drinking water supplies as desalination unit planned for Sizewell C – United Kingdom

A temporary desalination plant will have to be installed to provide enough water during the construction of Sizewell C if the £20billion nuclear power plant gets the go-ahead.

Consultation is under way on the plans for the unit, which would take sea water and remove the salt to create drinking quality water, because water companies cannot guarantee supplies.

But opponents of the power project say until the desalination plant is ready it will mean 40 more trucks a day visiting the site to deliver potable water.


Campaigners condemn plans for New Forest desalination plant – United Kingdom

Southern Water’s proposal for a £600m plant at Fawley to convert saltwater from the Solent into tap water during droughts has been formally opposed by the New Forest national park authority.

A separate petition against the plan, which the water company said it would enable it to extract less water from ecologically sensitive chalk streams such as the Test and the Itchen, has attracted several thousand signatures.

Residents objecting to the plant say that it is a “bizarre” and “expensive” solution for projected water shortages in southern England, with Britain’s total water supply forecast to drop by 7% by 2045.


NFDC say Fawley water plant plan would be bad for area – United Kingdom

PLANS to build a £600m desalination plant near Fawley have faced opposition from New Forest District Council

As reported in the A&T, the facility at Ashlett Creek, which would process 75 million litres of seawater into drinking water every day, would also see a 25km pipeline built to Testwood in Totton.

A report signed off by the council’s new leader, Cllr Edward Heron, stated: “Desalination at Fawley is a high carbon footprint, high environmental impact and high risk water supply option that NFDC should not support.”


Southern Water wants to build desalination plant at Fawley – United kingdom

Southern Water is drawing up proposals to build the plant on land south of its wastewater treatment works at Ashlett Creek, near Fawley.

The scheme also involves the construction of a 25km pipeline from Ashlett to Testwood in Totton.

Southern Water says the scheme aims to keep customers’ taps running in the event of a severe drought. But locals say they are concerned about the potential impact of the project.


Desalinating water with mobile solar-powered devices – United Kingdom

Researchers from the University of Bath have developed a new desalination process that could become an ideal solution for remote locations affected by natural disasters.

The research team has developed a prototype of a 3D-printed desalination system that is driven by AC electricity. They describe it as a low-energy system with no moving parts.

The system combines cationic diodes based on Nafion ionomer-coated microhole array substrates with an anion conducting membrane. Nafion is a synthetic polymer with ionic properties that is produced by Chemours, a unit of US chemical group DuPont.


Neom to Adopt Unique ‘Solar Dome’ Desalination Plant – United Kingdom

The Neom smart-city project will use cutting-edge solar technology to power a desalination plant that produces clean, low-cost, environmentally friendly freshwater.

The decision aims to enhance the megacity’s position as a new global tourism destination, a center of innovation and environmental conservation, and as an accelerator of human progress.

Neom signed an agreement with UK business Solar Water Limited to build a desalination plant in the northwest of the Kingdom that uses the newly developed “solar dome” technology. It is hoped that thef first-of-its-kind, completely sustainable and carbon-neutral facility will shape the future of desalination in Neom, the Kingdom and throughout the world.


Thames Water bosses plan to turn sewage into drinking water – London – United Kingdom

Water bosses have drawn up detailed plans to turn sewage into drinking water as one of a series of measures to prevent London’s taps from running dry, the Standard has learned.

In a doomsday prediction, Thames Water today said the Capital is facing a £330 million-a-day loss to the economy if dramatic changes are not made to secure the city’s supply.