Western Australia

Perth weather watchers worry below-average winter rainfall leaving landscape vulnerable – Australia

Eugenio Valenti has spent almost 70 years growing some of the most coveted grapes in the Swan Valley and turning them into his rustic, Italian-style wine.

But a lot has changed since the 89-year-old started in 1952, most notably the climate.

It’s changed a lot — before in the winter, there was lots and lots of rain, the drainage and the creeks were full,” he recalled.


Water Corporation investigates future water sources for Perth – Australia

RECYCLED groundwater and storm water are being considered to top up Perth’s long term water supply as Water Corporation rolls forward desalination plant proposals.

As the environmental assessment for a desalination plant in Perth’s north reached its third stage, the utility flagged it was also starting to investigate more groundwater replenishment and storm water options.

In early May, WA’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) approved Water Corporation’s environmental scoping document for a potential seawater desalination plant in Alkimos.


Groundwater desalination on farms in Western Australia – Australia

Groundwater in the Western Australian grainbelt is a potential resource for on-farm water self sufficiency. However, most groundwater in this environment is saline to some degree, and is often not suitable for livestock or other on-farm uses.

Desalination, the process to remove much of the salt from saline water sources, could produce less-saline water for livestock, crop spraying, horticulture and domestic uses.

This page provides information on desalination – with reverse osmosis (RO) systems – of groundwater on farms in the Western Australian grainbelt.


Wellard puts focus on export process – Fremantle

WELLARD showcased the live trade industry last week when about 4500 head of cattle were loaded aboard the Ocean Swagman at Fremantle Port, as the company prepared to send them on an eight day voyage to Vietnam.

Wellard held guided tours of the vessel, which included a group of veterinarian students from the Murdoch University Vet School, to provide them with a better understanding of what it looked like and how things were done on board so that they understood the trade if they ever worked on a vessel in the future.


Western Australia rolling out major innovation hub to deal with climate change – Perth – Australia

Western Australia state is rolling out a major innovation hub to help develop wastewater recycling technologies as part of the latest efforts to deal with the impact of climate change on the valuable resource.

“Given wastewater is 99.97 percent water, as it mostly comes from showers, baths and sinks, the potential to develop more recycling options for this resource is just beginning to be explored as we work towards a more sustainable future,” the state’s Water Minister Dave Kelly said in a statement late on Tuesday.


New water infrastructure for WA – Perth – Australia

New water infrastructure in Western Australia is set to have a significant impact on irrigated agriculture production in the Collie River, Harvey and Waroona districts.

Led by Collie Water, the $396 million project aims to reduce salinity in the Wellington Dam, WA’s second largest reservoir.

Deputy Prime Minister, Leader of The Nationals and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Michael McCormack, said the Australian Government is committed to constructing the water infrastructure of 21st century.