Hydrogen Meets Desalination – engl. – 12 September S006-2022


Seminar S-006-2022

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Subject Description:

The transformation of energy supply from carbon to alternative forms of energy entails many innovations. The goal itself is beyond stion, but the way to get there raises many questions.

The production of hydrogen starts with energy and water, and the demands on this water are high. The provision of this basic material from saline water expands the places of use and makes the places of application more flexible.

The choice of the appropriate desalination technology is determined by the required purity, the variability of the raw water source as well as the adaptability of the required quantity.

Other factors are the available energy source and the flexibility from standstill, stand-by to full-load operation. Each technology has its own practical, operational and theoretical limitations. This also applies to the desalination of water in connection with hydrogen production.

In the context of the lectures, this area of tension will be illuminated and possible solution variants from the point of view of both the hydrogen industry and the desalination industry will be shown.

Who should attend.

This symposium is primarily aimed at all those who think outside the box of the usual. Also welcome are suppliers, consultants, engineers and investors, universities and research centre staff, and anyone who wants to make special contacts. Investment companies and venture capital find new ways to invest in an old market with new technology here.


13.00 – 13:45 Registration
13:45 – 14:00 Welcome adress
14:00 – 14:30 Lecture 1: The Pathway to a hydrogen market until 2050 – Boosts and Barriers, WORLEY , Dr. Hans Hermes
14.30 – 14:35 Break
14.35 – 15:05 Lecture 2:  Hydrogen vs. water stress – situation and success factors, AFRY, Helge Barlen
15:05 – 15:10 Break
15.10 – 15:45 Lecture 3: Technical and commercial options – What is the best desalination technology for green hydrogen, Desalination Institute DME, Claus Mertes
15.45 – 16.00 Questions

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