Service around desalination

As every desalination technology is making use of one or sometimes more such “working principles” in DESALFACTS a Classification of Desalination Technologies has been established. In order not to start from point zero a number of approaches of classification have been reviewed being published in the past two decades.

Desalination business services are a recognizable subset of Water Economic services, and share their characteristics. The essential difference is that in general Water Business are concerned about the building of Desalination Service. In this field we do act being an independent third party.

We are a highly specialized Desalination Service provider in order to deliver value to our customers globally.

Our services and activities at a glance:


Desalination Academy

Desalination Academy

The Desalination Academy was founded in 2015. Associated with your start was the deep desire to impart knowledge in desalination in a technically competent and concentrated manner. In many seminars and workshops over the years people have received further training in the various fields of desalination. In 2018, the offer of physical education was supplemented with the digital world. From this point on, participants were able to access the material provided digitally after completing the training they attended.

In 2020, the digital and physical Desalination Academy was merged into one unit. Today participants can physically and digitally take part in the training measures live and subsequently process the recordings and presentations independently of the time.

Consulting desalination

Our very specialized experts have been handling desalination projects for over 20 years now. Being active on all continents initially as technical consultant under contract to mostly technology providers, but subsequently in technology development and optimization of desalination plants and projects today acting as lender’s engineer for financing entities, banks and insurances.

Our know how is covering all main desalination technologies plus more than 35 other desalination options

We do technology assessment and supported developments, due diligence surveys, standard desalination technology reports, customized desalination technology reports, raw data collection in operating plants and individual consulting.


In 2013, requested by DME e.V., we started a Global Study about Desalination Technologies. In 2014/15 our Multi Client Study – “Future Desalination Technology”, a global data survey of the desalination sector has been preformed deeply involving industry and research. In 2016 we developed, added and implemented a new Data Platform now known as DESALFACTS.COM. Since DESALFACTS.COM is in use new aspects have been integrated and new Modules build up in order to get the total picture about the State of the Art and R&D in future desalination technologies. This new platform does not! provide intensive project tracking nor marketing campaigns. It is free of any advertisements at all and totally independent! It does provide structured technical facts such as patents, R&D articles, technology profiles with clear references and is using standard formats such as RIS. All information is provided in english.

Piloting – Pretesting – Field Trial

Looking into the number of patens published every month there is a great need to test al this good ideas. Not only in a laboratory but in a real environment first small tests are preformed in order to prove and scale up the idea and process. Once this is successfully reached a real environment is strongly recommended. DME can provide various location in the world ensuring a save and monitored location. For several years now this type of monitored tests do provide evidence to various technology developments reaching commercial status today.

Desalination Education and Training

To know what and how to do is based on education and training. Of cause today we may use the internet in order to find our way to solve a question or reach a goal. But where do we find the answer to our question and how close will this answer be to our question and how fast?

Always the best way to resolve a problem will be to know the answer because we have learned and are trained. In order to get a certain level of know how in desalination DME does provide training courses in various areas and levels for engineers, operators, teacher, and other professionals.

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