Education and Training for Desalter

DME regularly holds expert seminars and workshops lasting one or several days as well as custom corses at universities, companies and trade show. Training and further education are offered in English; as an exception, they can also be offered in other languages.

Furthermore, DME develops comprehensive university training sessions (lasting one or several days) for human resources trainers and managers, plant managers, operations managers and maintenance managers which will soon be launched on the market.

Within the framework of an in-plant training comparable to the German sandwich-course system, DME will qualify operators and operational staff in cooperation with other training centres. The persons trained this way will receive a certificate.

Moreover, DME permanently provides pieces of information on seawater and brackisch water desalination to the public and – in depth – to its customers.

In-plant training and studies
The high-quality vocational training of staff is a crucial factor of the successful operation of seawater desalination plants. The required know-how can, among others, be obtained by in-plant training or studies. DME supports pertinent activities on various areas in Germany, Europe and other countries abroad.

Our SEMINARS lasting one or several days offer further education on very specific issues of seawater desalination. They may take place prior or subsequent to conferences.

In WORKSHOPS, renowned experts report on individual issues or specific topics of planning (cost, environmental impacts and compatibility, process, design, selection of materials), installation and required approval procedures as well as operation and maintenance of seawater desalination plants.These topics are intensively discussed with participating experts.

DME Seminar

Introduction to Water Desalination gives an overview about the most common desalination processes and its applications, market potentials, environmental aspects as well as research and development trends. Therefore it is ideal for representatives of politics, business and science, who want to acquire elementary technical and economical information about this important and rapidly growing branch.

This Seminar is provided regularly in English and German language.

SEMINARS are held on the premises of DME or at German universities (except for the ones taking place prior or subsequent to conferences; these seminars are held at the same place as the respective conference). Selected experts give lectures on the seminars’ topics. Participants also have the opportunity to discuss these topics.

All participants of our seminars receive a certificate. DME lasting several days can be completed with an examination, if desired. In this case, the participant receives a qualified testimonial.

WORKSHOPS are equally suitable for management and operational staff. They usually last 2 to 4 days. If possible and reasonable, our WORKSHOPS take place at sites in Germany that have a relevance to any of the topics covered. Otherwise, they are held on the premises of DME.

Participants will receive a certifcate giving evidence of their attendance. WORKSHOPS can be held as individual events. In case of great demand, they can also be offered regularly.

Participants of SWPF at Technical Seminar of DME

For information and further education offered  please get in contact with DME.