Deutsche MeerwasserEntsalzung (DME) GmbH was founded in 2008. It’s first goal was to support Deutsche Meerwasserentsalzung e.V. internal structures.

From the first day the company took over every commercial business Deutsche Meerwasserentsalzung e.V. had started and operated from 2003 onwards.

This included all kind of training in every context of desalination of water. The global background of participating students and professionals is still fact.

During this first time also smaller consulting contracts for national and international clients have been conducted by Deutsche MeerwasserEntsalzung (DME) GmbH.

From 2019 on the Company Name has been changed for Deutsche MeerwasserEntsalzung (DME) GmbH to DME (Deutsche MeerwasserEntsalzung). Also the profile name for the business has been adjusted to “Desalination Institute DME” following the actual core business.

Since 2015 DME (Deutsche MeerwasserEntsalzung) GmbH is an independent private owned and operated entity.

Following customers and business beginning of 2019 the company has been renamed to DME (Deutsche MeerwasserEntsalzung) GmbH. Also form January 2019 a new Logo was registered. Today our webpage does show more precisely the Institute R&D and Technology focus. We now call all this

Desalination Institute DME.

DME Logo 2020 onwards

Desalination Institute DME

DME Logo 2019

Water Desalination Resources Meerwasserentsalzung Entsalzung

DME Logo 2008 to 2018

DME Logo 2008 to 2018