Desalination Institute DME – in the center of desalination technology

Desalination Institute DME is a leading specialized desalination Institute. Since 2008 the Institute does independently serve customer requests globally and locally in desalination technology and know how.

Our technology knowledge range starts with evaporation, passes membranes and ions and reaches bio engineering. More than 52 desalination technologies are on our radar today. In the past decade customers from more than 40 countries requested our services preparing their desalination future. We are a desalination think tank.



We make engineering genius, operation saver and meet you where you are. We develop new businesses and services in order to provide save drinking water. We do transfer our know-how to you to make you better. We love to work for your best water.

Starting in 2018 a closed cooperation with the student DVGW group AquaSmarTech of the University of Duisburg Essen has been build up. Handeld now by AquaSmarTech the Desalination Institute DME does organize appropriate compulsory internships. You can learn more about our internship by contacting the Executive Board of AquaSmarTech and apply there for our internships with Desalination Institute DME.


In a picture album we have frozen our world for you. Explore us and our world in a few moments! We enjoy to chair this moments with you.