Desalination Institute DME

Desalination Institute DME, has dedicated itself entirely to knowledge of the desalination technology of water and is the point of contact for business, science and politics. Through years of work and experience in this area, the institute has developed into a central contact point for national and international interests in desalination.

Since 2004 the institute has offered a comprehensive range of advanced training courses on all aspects of water desalination and its technical applications, such as seminars, workshops or in-house training. In 2014, the institute bundled its know-how in the multi-client study “Future Desalination Technology”, which has now been further developed into an information service and the Internet database DESALFACTS.COM. These services provide companies and institutions in the desalination sector with comprehensive, up-to-date information about the desalination market. The institute is globally active. Customers from more than 40 countries have made use of the institute’s services to this day. The institute advises on desalination projects, Banks and Investors, creates tender documents or carries out assessments as required.

The institute has experience in the design of desalination plants, piloting as well as product and industrial developments. In the desalination market, the institute arranges and carries out field tests of components in Germany and abroad. Thanks to its extensive contacts and market knowledge, the institute can act in a number of ways and promotes national and international cooperation between companies, research institutions and universities.

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