On February 3rd, 2023, Claus Mertes gave two successful lectures on the topic of “EPC in for desalination projects in practice” at the University of Dresden. The lectures were well attended and received positive feedback from the students and faculty.

Claus Mertes is an expert in the field of desalination and has extensive experience in managing EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) projects. During his lectures, he shared his practical insights and real-world examples to help the students understand the various aspects of EPC in desalination projects.

The students were especially impressed by Claus’s in-depth knowledge and practical approach to the topic. They appreciated the hands-on examples he used to illustrate the concepts, and his ability to simplify complex ideas made the material easily accessible to everyone in the audience.

The professors at the University of Dresden were also impressed by Claus’s presentation, and they praised his ability to engage the students and make the material interesting and relevant to their fields of study.

Overall, the two lectures were a huge success and provided the students with a valuable opportunity to learn from an experienced professional in the field. The students and faculty at the University of Dresden are looking forward to more opportunities to learn from Claus Mertes in the future.