Since 2003 DME does offer Seminars, Workshops, Summer- und Winter Schools in Germany and other countries around the world. Mid of February DME did again organizes its yearly 4 days Workshop titled „Membrane Technology for Saline Waters“.

16 participants of 11 nations have been trained for four days about the latest developments in technology and operations in membrane desalination. 16 experts such as Professors and readers coming from 4 different nations half from university and research background the other half based in desalination Business sharing know how of the Industry lecturing in English language.

Finally a exam was held. Passing this exam preformed in written format, Claus Mertes, MD of DME GmbH can hand over to each participant his certificate of participation and for those how passed the exam also 3,5 ECTS-Credits for their Master or Bachelor studies at international acknowledged universities.

After traveling back to their countries some feedback reached DME we like to share at this point partly:
• Thank you very much for that excellent and inspiring workshop. It was a good opportunity for students to peek into the business world. The combination of great lecturers and participants from companies that operate in that field caused a lively discussion and a great atmosphere.

• Thank you very much for organizing such a knowledgeable seminar. It was very interesting, amazing and well organized seminar where I enjoyed a lot. It was like an innovation center where I was getting innovative ideas during each presentation and all my ideas was realized during the RO plant visit.

• Thank you for really nice workshop and discussions during the whole 4 days. As a student, I really got lots of information during this time. The 2 engineers from UAE and Saudi gave some real life experiences and it made the workshop more lively (I like it very much). And finally I am really thankful that I got this opportunity.

• I really admire the professional style as well as well organized of the workshop and really enjoyed 4 days of workshop. The lectures given not only provided me scientific knowledge but also practical experience knowledge in saline water treatment by membrane technology in particular and water energy in general. … From the workshop, I leaned that there are much more aspects need to learn need to consider in order to run a water treatment system not simply a technique. Again I would like to thank you so much for having the opportunity to participate the workshop.

DME does congratulate all participants of this years class passing successfully the final exam in 2014!