Two years ago DME started work on a Global Desalination Roadmap. Fully funded by its own financial resources, DME set up a multinational network of professionals from the academic and business field to structure and execute the first phase of a Global Desalination Roadmap (GDR-PI).

More than 230.000 desalination publications from the period between 1985 and today have been screened and reviewed, in particular international patents and science reports in English, Chinese and German language. The data collection is a unique and up-to-date database of unsurpassed dimension enabling historic and regional clustering by desalination technology as well as identification of the major international innovation centers in desalination worldwide.

As today´s patents are tomorrow´s solutions, GDR-PI also provides insights into the future, i.e. where desalination technology solutions need to be expected. GDR-PI is, therefore, an important guidance tool for policy makers, industry and the academic world regarding decision making with competence for fundamental & applied research funding in desalination industry.

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