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IFAT INDIA 2019 Desalination Pavilion

IFAT India 2019

The Indian subcontinent is facing an increasing water scarcity. The latest example is Chennai:The capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu needs to be supplied with the “blue gold” by special trains.According to the Desalination Institute DME, located in Duisburg, Germany, 52 different desalination technologies are currently available and could help to cope with this challenge. At IFAT India 2019, which will be held in Mumbai from October 16 to 18,numerous exhibitors will present technologies and components for seawater desalination–all aiming to become a part of the solution.


IFAT INDIA 2019 Desalination Forum
Desalination Pavilion Mumbai
Ifat India 2019
Desalination Pavilion Mumbai



Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC)

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