Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) (S-003-2013)
978-3-86861-107-6 (Video)

Fundamentals of Water Chemistry I&II, Analytical Methods with respect to Membrane Processes, Basic Principles of Pressure Driven Membrane Processes, Membrane Manufacturing and Characterization

Membrane System Concepts, Membrane Fouling and Scaling, Cleaning Concepts, Pre-Treatment and Process Combination Options, Post-Treatment and Concentrate Treatment Options

Integrity Monitoring, Membrane Manufacturer, Engineering Companies and Worldwide Development, Membrane Process Applications and Practical Experiences, Alternative Concept: Membrane Distillation, Exercise I&II: Cost Evaluation for UF/MF and RO, Computer Aided Plant Design

Case Studies including: Ultra filtration Case Study, Reverse Osmosis Case Study and a Technical Visit

Pre and Post-Treatment in Desalination (engl.)

Designing a desalination plant is a tough chal-lenge and requires technical knowledge and know-how. In order to reduce cost it is im-portant to know the conception of causal relation between the right pre- and post-treatment of water, the implementation of intake systems and pumps and the required result which means potable water.
This seminar gives you a guideline of how to start your conception of a desalination plant. It leads you along the water flow through the plant and shows the right steps of treating water.