MCS 2014 - Future Desalination Techn. Vol 1

The aim of the technology review presented in this study is to provide a profound data base allowing the evaluation of the status and the potential of desalination technologies within a medium‑term time-scale of one decade starting in 2014. The basic idea is giving a tool which makes it possible to assess which desalination technology might have better chances to penetrate the market of tomorrow, which is mainly subdivided into multi-stage thermal desalination and reverse osmosis membrane desalination today.

MCS 2014 - Future Desalination Techn. Vol 2

Companies are the main driver for commercialization of technology but also for innovation since competitiveness on the global market can only be achieved if state-of-the-art technologies in terms of quality, economy and skills can be delivered. Research institutions and universities cover a wide range of research and development (R&D) activities with very different time horizons for market entry. In Germany e.g. some research and development centers are dedicated to conduct applied research and therefore support companies on their way to the market. Other research institutions are dedicated to conduct basic research and therefore they are more or less the inventors of the technology for “tomorrow” with a perspective of 5 to 15 years. Typically universities have very particular skills in different subjects ranging from early stage research up to applied development in industrial cooperation.

MCS 2014 - Future Desalination Techn. Vol 3

This study does NEITHER substitute NOR replace the reader’s and user’s own effort to find a way through the large number of possible opportunities within the next decade in desalination technologies, business and national water situations. But it does give the state-of the-art situation in technology being in use and coming up in the next ten years. It shows financial strength, regional and national presents of business and research. Knowing a national water situation and development gives, combined with national financial strength, the outlook of the possible emergency of desalination technologies.