Desalination and Energy Recovery (S-002-2013)
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This seminar is primarily aimed at suppliers, consultants, engineers and investors. Also welcome are universities and staff of research centers and all those who want to acquire special know-how about desalination markets.

MED Plants combined with CSP (S-001-2013)

During the last years the combination of desali-nation and renewable energies became more and more important. Various systems have been de-veloped and are in duty nowadays. Such systems show their advantage in saving transport and distribution networks especially in decentralized implementations.
This seminar gives an overview about the today’s commercially available thermal systems and appli-cations and offers basic information regarding important and necessary arguments to combine energy source and desalination in small medium plants.
This seminar is primarily aimed at representa-tives of medium sized enterprises as well as operators and investors. Also welcome are universities and staff of research centers and all those who want to acquire this special know-how.

Desalination and Renewable Energies (S-002-2011)

This Seminar addresses mainly representatives of politics, business and science, who want to acquire elementary technical and economical information about this important and rapidly growing branch.
In the framework of selected speeches internationally recognised experts will present an overview on the most relevant desalination technologies and their application. Furthermore they will present markets, potentials and trends in research and development.

Desalination and Renewable Energies (S-009-2009)

The Seminar will take place in Jülich. DME sponsor of the seminar is PÖYRY. The seminar will take place at the Solar-Institut-Jülich (SIJ).

In view of the need of energy for all presently existing desalination processes it is most important to find new sources of energy. Because of this DME started two years ago its first seminar on renewable energies for desalination processes.

Sponsord by PÖYRY, DME continues its series of advanced seminars with special topics.

Starting up with an overview on basics in membrane/thermal desalination processes as well as on wind/solar(thermal/photovoltaic) energies this seminar will show large scale CPH plants as well as small independent operating units. Moreover water quality and environmental aspects will be discussed by experts. At the end of the presentations the speakers will answer all your questions and are prepared for an open discussion with all participants.

This seminar is primarily aimed at representatives of companies and universities as well as representatives of research and those who want to acquire this special know-how.