Pre and Post-Treatment in Desalination (engl.)

Designing a desalination plant is a tough challenge and requires technical knowledge and know-how. In order to reduce cost it is im-portant to know the conception of causal rela-tion between the right pre- and post-treatment of water, the implementation of intake systems and pumps and the required result which means potable water.
This seminar gives you a guideline of how to start your conception of a desalination plant. It leads you along the water flow through the plant and shows the right steps of treating water.

Chemicals and Pretreatment in Seawater Desalination (S-004-2010)

Fouling and scaling are the biggest problems in MED plants for seawater desalination. The same stands for biofouling and pretreatment in RO systems. Sediments and residues reduce the performance and the effectiveness of the plants and set limits to their operational range. Oversizing of plants, pre-treatment of intakes and actions taken in order to reduce fouling and scaling, cleaning procedures as well as loss of production due to downtimes caused by cleaning processes may generate substantial costs.

In the context of the seminar, experts will give an overview to reasons and impacts of fouling and scaling in thermal and in membrane plants. Mechanisms leading to such problems and adequate counteractions to minimize, especially by the use of additives and their effects will be shown and discussed by means of practical example reports.

The ultimate purpose of this seminair is to improve the skills of desalination professionals and increase their awareness of the impacts of desalination plants on the environment. It is therefore designed to provide technical training and guidance to engineers, scientists, regulators, consultants and students.