The Desalination Academy was founded in 2015. Associated with your start was the deep desire to impart knowledge in desalination in a technically competent and concentrated manner. In many seminars and workshops over the years people have received further training in the various fields of desalination. In 2018, the offer of physical education was supplemented with the digital world. From this point on, participants were able to access the material provided digitally after completing the training they attended.

In 2020, the digital and physical Desalination Academy was merged into one unit. Today participants can physically and digitally take part in the training measures live and subsequently process the recordings and presentations independently of the time.

Here you find the standard entrance into the Desalination Academy

Questions and Answers:

Q: How do I get to the Desalination Academy
A: Follow this link

Q: How do I enroll at the Desalination Academy
A: Follow this link and create your own personal profile with your private password

Q: How do I find my event, course and trade fair
A: Go to your dashboard on the left side and open course categories. Here you can choose your course and event

Q: How do I know the costs incurred
A: Use the PayPal icon on the right side of the course and event preview. Click the PayPal icon. The familiar PayPal window opens. Log in to your PayPal account. PayPal will now show you the upcoming price for your selection.

Q: How do I see the content of the training course?
A: On your dashboard, click My Courses on the left. Unfold the course you want. In the menu on the left you can see the short summary in chronological order and on the right in the main window the detailed chronological sequence with information on the times and places where your event will take place.

Q: How do I enter a classroom or conference room?
A: Click on the round blue icon with the white “b” in the middle. You are now standing in front of your room. Now click on the Join Session button. A new tab will now open in your browser. Our system now asks for your approval for your microphone and camera. Please grant this access and, if you have several microphones (e.g. headset and built-in microphone), select the one you want. In the next step, our system performs an echo test. If this is successful for you and you hear your Eche, please confirm the access by clicking the green thumbs up image. You have now successfully entered your room and are taking part in the event.

Q: how do I leave my room?
A: In our screen for you, you will find three small vertically arranged white dots in the upper right corner. Click on this. You will receive a menu selection. Now select “Leave conference” and confirm your selection. Your tab closes and you come back to the main page of the event within the Desalination Academy.

Q: why can’t the other participants hear me?
A: Your microphone is muted when you enter the room. In our window for you you will find a round white symbol for a microphone in the lower middle left. This is crossed out diagonally. Please click this once. How to activate your microphone.

Q: why can’t the other participants see me?
A: Your camera is turned off when you enter the room. In our window for you you will find a round white symbol for a camera in the lower center. This is crossed out diagonally. Please click this once. How to activate your camera.

Q: Why do I only see the lecturer and staff from the Desalination Institute and not the other participants
A: The European data protection act has prompted us to guarantee the privacy of the participants and thus to switch off the sound and image transmission of all normal participants for periods of time with recordings.