Dear Desalters around the globe,

Since 2003 DME does organizes Desalination Seminars, Workshops, Summer and Winter Schools in various countries and regions worldwide.

Up to now about 1.500 international students and professionals participated in more than 85 DME Academy classes, held in English.

Within the last decade DME Academy has built up a portfolio of more than 130 lecturing professors of universities, academics, engineers, industrial professionals, legal and financial advisor as well as governmental representatives to ensure DME Academy’s high quality and standards in every specific subject of profession.

For the upcoming Workshop in thermal and membrane Desalination in February 2014 DME Academy gathered 25 international lecturing professionals.

Ensuring constant feedback and improvements DME Academy does ask every participant to complete the – DME Academy Evaluation Form – reporting quality of lesson’s content, lecturing personal and overall the organization for every course.

Since the beginning DME Academy hands over a full color printed handout to each participant of every course thus giving him the possibility to follow the lessons by making annotations in the lectured content. All these handouts are published under a certain ISBN and available via every local book store.

In 2011 DME Academy published its first interactive free of charge Desalination ONLINE-Seminar in several languages (English, Arabic, German) on the DME website.

In the very same year DME Academy started its cooperation with the University of Aachen and the Technical University of Munich. DME Academy can now grant all students passing the DME Academy exam up to 3 credits for their Master Studies at their national university.

Apart from this advantage for Students every Participant can select out of the Classroom System (Training Matrix) of the DME Academy his profile developing him self to a globally certificated DESALTER by DME Academy.

Since 2013 DME Academy is now able to provide offline based desalination trainings of specific desalination lectures on DVDs and blue-rays.

DME Academy is constantly improving its ability and network all around the world. This does include the integration of new subjects into the curriculum of the DME Academy as well as requesting new and more professors, academics, engineers and industrial professionals to share their know how with DME Academy by lecturing desalination subjects. Examples for this are combinations with Renewable and Nuclear Energies, Advanced Pre-Treatment, Membrane Distillation, MEH, FO, ZLD, BMMP.

Several company specific in-house courses organized by DME Academy enabled industrial and governmental entities to acquire a profound knowledge and to deepen existing know-how in and around desalination.

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Your DME Academy Team