DME Seminar – Membranes in Waterprocessing incl. ZLD – (S-002-2014)


May 06th, 2014 / Seminar S-004-2014, IFAT Munich, Germany, English

The quality of membranes has been improved and the membrane technology diversified. Nowadays Micro-, Nano-, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis are very common and Membrane Distillation is on its way to fill the gap of thermal and membrane processes.

Membranes are not only used in seawater desalination plant but also for treating brackish and sewage water. The field of application is vast: Membranes are used for industrial water treatment, water reuse, as well as for urban, communal water treatment.

Material flow treatment and the production of raw material out of sea- or brackish water can be implemented by means of membranes.

The main target of mankind is to safe valuable water resources in order to make it available to everybody in a sufficient quality and quantity at any time.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a more and more important key word in desalination and a new means to help not only to save resources but to produce and to recover crude materials – most important in every industry.

How does it work? By applying the ZLD process the huge quantity of fresh water needed in desalination plants will be decreased and proportionally will be the brine. The advantage is obvious: Beside the protection of the environment and the savings of resources, costs can be lowered and crude materials be produced. Reducing the liquid brine means cutting costs!

Apart from this, Zero Liquid Discharge reveals a new source of raw material. During the desalination process, seawater will be concentrated as long as there is salty mud left only. Due to this high concentration, the mud contains a variety of valuable raw material ready to be exploited. The economic utilization of this raw material and the reduction of brine is a new challenge!

This seminar conveys basic know-how in physics and its limitations with regard to ZLD and membrane technology. It shows the concept of ZLD, the already existing state-of-the-art technology as well as research programs. The seminar does also give a compact vendor’s overview about the existing membranes for membrane plants, distillation membranes and the different fields of application in Europe and the Arabian countries.

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S-002-2014 Membranes und ZLD


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