Water Intake Technology – Systems/Solutions/Components – Digital Seminar + Fair


Water Intake Technology is a fundamental part of every desalination and water plant. The objective of this Seminar is to provide an overview of the technology available and the challenges for a sustainable design and reliable corrosion protection. Potential impingement / entrainment impacts and solutions in terms of fish protection are often associated with intakes at desalination facilities.

This time Desalination Institute DME partner and sponsor is Aqseptence Group GmbH.

Experts present different technological options in terms of optimizing maintenance, fish protection and corrosion protection and show how most of the problems of desalination plants can be avoided related to the specific design scheme. At the end of the presentations the speakers will answer your questions and discuss with you.

This digital seminar + fair is primarily aimed at design consultants, representatives of universities, companies or research, and those who want to acquire this special know-how.

Additionally this seminar is furnished with a newly designed interactive Digital Fair Ground opening at 08:00 CET and closing at 20:00 CET. Every participant can meet individually, in groups and via video live stream groups or individuals. Showcases can be broadcasted live showing the latest installed equipment.

The number of participants for this digital seminar is limited to 250 and costs 50 euros per participant. Participation in the Digital Fair is free for up to 1,500 participants.

All presentations will be recorded and are available digital at https://Academy.di-dme.de for all limited 250 seminar participants for another 3 months for free.

The program for the digital seminar + fair is published here: Flyer for the digital Seminar + Fair is here

If you are interested, you have two options to register for the digital seminar + fair:

Starting from now, the fair ground is open for your visit

Online - Desalination Academy - https://academy.di-dme.de

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