In response to this, Eskom has decided to install a groundwater desalination plant at Koeberg nuclear power station. This process entails removing salts and other contaminants from groundwater to make it suitable for human consumption. In this instance, groundwater from the aquarium located near to the power station will be desalinated for use at Koeberg nuclear power station for its daily needs.

The objective of this project is to reduce Koeberg’s dependency on, and consumption of municipal water supplied by the City of Cape Town. This effort contributes to the city’s goal, which is to reduce water consumption by 100 megalitres per day. This will also ensure that the power station has adequate supply of water available should the City of Cape Town run out of water. 

In addition, the implementation of a desalination plant will provide Koeberg nuclear power station with a reliable water supply during drought periods, to ensure safe and reliable operations. The implementation of a desalination plant is split into two phases. The first phase would be an installation of a simplified mobile unit. The second phase would focus more on the strengthening and integration of the desalination plant with other systems in the power station to increase its capacity.