Abengoa was present at the opening ceremony of the Rabigh desalination plant, the largest reverse osmosis desalination plant in commercial operation in the world, with 600,000 m3/day capacity.

In an emblematic act, they met in the city of Rabigh (Saudi Arabia) Member of the Board of Directors of SBCC-SAWACO, as well as representatives of the consortium responsible for the EPC of the project, Abengoa, SepcoIII (Power China) and Sidem (Veolia).

The CEO of Abengoa Water and Energy, Angel Alday, stressed that ‘this iconic project is the clear exponent of Abengoa’s interest in participating in the achievement of the strategic objectives of the ‘Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia’, with an extraordinary development of desalination in the country, and an interest in establishing records for the reduction of water tariffs and the minimization of carbon footprint’.