According to the United Nations (UN), the rate of people with safe access to drinking water has only increased from 17.9% to 23.7% in sub-Saharan Africa since 2000.

This is the case of the Agadir desalination plant (in Morocco), currently under construction, with an expected capacity of 275,000 m 3 per day. Part of the treated water, ie 125,000 m 3 per day, will supply an irrigation system in the plain of Chtouka, in the center-west of Morocco.

… a manufacturer of canned fish, has set up two private seawater desalination plants in Laaiplek and Amawandle Pelagic, on the west coast of the country, with a combined capacity of 624 m 3 per day.

The first phase of the project should make it possible to obtain a capacity of 100,000 m 3 per day. The capacity of the installation will then be increased to 200,000 m 3per day in the second phase.