In a statement, PAS, which groups together environmental and heritage protection associations, showed its “disagreement with information that the transfer of water from Pomarão and the construction of one (or more) desalination plants are solutions to the Algarve’s water problem”.

The capture of water from the Guadiana river at Pomarão, in the municipality of Mértola, district of Beja, and the construction of desalination plants are included in the Resilience and Recovery Plan (RRP) presented by the Government, but the platform considers that these projects will only serve to feed irrigated agriculture and increase the cost of water for the population.

The platform called on the population to contest these solutions during the public consultation of the RRP, which is underway until the end of February, and considered that although the lack of water in the region is “structural”, there are alternatives that allow to ensure its necessary supply “until the end of the century”.