Adhesive technologies play a key role in the filtration industry. Advanced adhesives have a major impact on the efficiency and reliability of the associated systems. At FILTECH, Henkel will showcase its range of specialty solutions meeting the high requirements of filter systems. Loctite EA 9452 and Technomelt AS 5115 are only two out of multiple products displaying Henkel’s power to innovate.

Short cleaning cycles, high production rates.

Confronted with the challenge of global water scarcity, manufacturers of liquid filtration systems serving water treatment, food and beverage industries consistently need to optimize the reliability and efficiency of their products. At the same time, cleaning and maintenance costs incurred by filter users need to be kept as low as possible for their processes to remain competitive. With Loctite EA 9452 Henkel responds to this global challenge. The product provides a unique level of acid and alkali resistance and temperature stability up to 85 degrees Celsius during the cleaning cycle. In addition, it is compliant with EU Food Approval 10 / 2011, Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 (food contact) and Germany’s KTW (water contact). “Our product enables the cleaning of such filtration systems at higher temperatures, which translates into improved efficiency, shorter cleaning cycles and higher production rates,” explained Frank Lenz, Business Development Manager for filtration at Henkel.

High resistance to mold and bacteria.

Resistance to mold and bacteria are additional critical requirements in the industry which Henkel tackled by developing Technomelt AS 5115. The hotmelt adhesive resists temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius and offers very high resistance to mold and bacteria in line with ISO 846. The main benefit of the product features is a reduction in the amount of cleaning and disinfection work required for components and apparatus. It also allows more design flexibility, with stringing or “angel hair” effectively eliminated. Technomelt AS 5115 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including pleating in filters or the manufacture of clean room filters. The product is also approved for use in HVAC systems in accordance with German engineering code of practice VDI 6022.