…. We have a very new solution – the low energy membrane system. It was launched a few months ago. The aim is to ensure environmental protection by employing water recycling. This saves 10-20% of energy depending on the water flow. In the Indian context, there are some industries where quality of water is not that good and where energy usage is high. Here we use ULP (Ultra Low Pressure) membrane where consumption of water is very less. This technology finds application in heavy industry like fertilisers and textiles. LANXESS is introducing its highperformance Lewabrane reverse osmosis membranes, Lewatit ion exchange resins and Bayoxide iron oxide adsorbers for water treatment. LANXESS’ business unit Liquid Purification Technologies (LPT), one of the leading manufacturers of reverse osmosis membranes, ion exchange resins, adsorbers and functional polymers, offers its premium products from the Lewabrane®, Lewatit® and Bayoxide® range, which play a key role in the fields of industrial water treatment, food and beverages, catalysis, chemicals processing and seawater desalination.

What is the approach of Lanxess when it comes to its customers?

Lanxess has been a leader in the field of ion exchange resins for 75 years. We not only manufacture the product but also offer solutions to the customers on how they can clean water. We can estimate the current availability of water and the target consumption. This helps the customer manage with what they have.

LANXESS will demonstrate how its products and services meet the responsibility of curbing pollution, fighting water scarcity and creating a safer and cleaner environment. Also, LANXESS’ product range of ion exchange resins and membranes can be designed in many industrial processes to produce no or minimal liquid discharge (ZLD/MLD). If water can be used several times for the same process steps, e.g. for multi-phase reactions or rinsing, fresh water consumption and the product-specific wastewater volume can be reduced.

Tell us some more about your software – LewaPlus ®. Lanxess is the only company in the world that offers a software for resins and membranes put together in one package.

This software is used to design and control the quality of water. Once the input and output data parameters are set, the software gives all permutations and combinations of inlet and outlet quality of water for the reverse osmosis process. The software suggests elements that need to be balanced and the treatment that is to be given. The software is LANXESS India has recently launched innovative water and wastewater treatment, and air purification. Clean India Journal speaks to Prakash Shanmugam, GM – BU LPT, LANXESS India, and Dr. Michael Pies, Head of Production & Technology, BU LPT, LANXESS to understand more available on the website for customers to do their own analysis in a userfriendly way.