Voltaic Engages Veolia Water Technologies Inc. Provides Update on LiST Process

September 21, 2017 – Voltaic Minerals Corp. (TSXV: VLT, OTC: VTCCF, FSE: 2P61) (the “Company” or “Voltaic”) announces that it has engaged Whittier Filtration, (“Whittier”) a division of Veolia Water Technologies, to begin due diligence work on additional brine sources. Voltaic has engaged Whittier to begin working on process engineering solutions for projects in North America that have lithium in waste water from commercial sites. Recently, Voltaic has been sourcing multiple samples from industrial locations where the company could put process solutions in place.

President of Voltaic Darryl Jones states “Veolia is a world class water technology company with vast resources and we are extremely excited to have them on board, as this is a natural step in the progression of the company”. Veolia will begin working on bench scale testing of different brines to provide process engineering solutions for Voltaic. The goal of the program is to provide Voltaic with additional solutions in the lithium brine production space for use at multiple locations, worldwide. Veolia has the resources to develop the solutions for Voltaic, as well as to implement, operate and manage world class water treatment facilities.

Update on Lithium Selective Technologies

Voltaic has been working closely with LiST to provide process solutions for the historical Green Energy Brine Project. The company has advanced LiST working capital to achieve a solution. LiST is currently working to develop a solution to a complex brine composition that is the Green Energy Project, with a goal of developing a low-cost solution for non-conventional brines in Utah and elsewhere. LiST and Voltaic continue to work towards a definitive agreement that can be used on the Green Energy Project as more results are received.