The International Exhibition for Water Purification, Desalination and Sewage Treatment – WATREX Expo kicked off with the participation of more than 120 international and local companies in the field of water purification, in the presence of Dr. South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, and Finland.

The participants praised the organization of the exhibition, stressing that it is the largest event in the field of water purification, desalination and wastewater treatment in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, and is in line with the state’s policy at the present time, and the initiative of a decent life, stressing that the exhibition is a real opportunity to localize water technology inside Egypt.

After the opening, the ambassadors inspected the exhibition pavilions, especially the pavilions of the international companies participating in the exhibition, and stressed the quality of local products represented in pumps, valves and other modern technology for water treatment, purification and desalination, water pipes, stressing that Egypt has reached a great position in the field of technology water.