Enviro Water Minerals Company celebrated the completion of its new facility during a ribbon-cutting event on the Eastside. The plant will add to the city’s drinking water supply and turn minerals from groundwater into commercial products.

“By allowing our city to conserve over 700 million gallons of water a year, the new EWM facility will help provide El Paso with a greater supply of drinkable water for years to come,” Mayor Oscar Leeser said in a statement. “It will also play a critical role in ensuring that El Paso can continue to grow and improve in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment.”

Officials with El Paso Water, the local water utility, said the plant is important to the El Paso community not only for its ability to produce fresh water but also because of what its success may mean for the desalination industry.

“It could be big compared to the company’s investment,” Delgado said. “That processing type of investment is critical, or very much sought after.”

The Texas-based company uses its technology to extract minerals and contaminants discharged in wastewater from the desalination process. The leftover salts and minerals are turned into commercial products for use in local markets by the Enviro Water plant.