Starting 01.07.2015 a new service is availabel for the desalination industry.

DESALFACTS   does provide

1. 98% of all UN Countries with detailed water profiles – identify the main water trends driving opportunities and focus your business strategy
2. dozens of Company, University and R&D Institute Profiles (78 of 483 known)– technical and financial details available. You need a new profile, get in contact to find out more about partners and competitors
3. Only 28 of 47 in-depth technology profiles of all known, upcoming and future desalination technologies – understand how you can make use of this knowhow.
4. Several hundreds of desalination plant profiles at a fast growing number due to the unique public barter process.
5. More than a thousand desalination Patents categoriesed and organiesed in systematic structures
6. Hundreds of R&D Articles categoriesed and organiesed in systematic structures
7. A functional “Google like” search enabling every user a most selective search over ALL data
8. The Desalination Business Intelligence (DESAL BI) and Desalfacts Mining tool enabling unreached speed and combination of DESALFACTS and your own data keeping all data in your house
9. “Salt Whisper” area talking about things before they become a trend
10. “R&D News” page giving researcher the chance to publish what they do.

During the last 18 months Partners of DESALFACTS have build up this new platform. In case your business is interested to learn more please get in contact with DME via e-mail today.