Looking into the future sometimes is very easy. We may look out of our homes door and can see who will come within the next minutes. Looking ahead week, months or years is quite challenging. To know our companies turnover exactly by the end of the year when we start business in January we would like to know. We do our homework in planning taking last year into account and our internal business know how and market development.

But how do we cover 5 years or even 10 years of development?

18th of June 2015 R&D, VC, Sales, Marketing and Universities came together at DME to look into “Future Desalination Technologies” in water desalination and saltwater liquid mining.

Holding in hand a systematic structure of all today known desalination technologies (46) in a Desalination Technology Classification System everybody at any time found its way through the jungle of information around desalting and purifying technologies. (www.di-dme.de).

Energy Consumption of CDI with different round trip efficiencies showed off with energy consumptions below 1 kW/mÂł integrateble in spiral wound vessels such as RO Membranes. And this technology does love to select various trace elements in a very selective way.

The tree of life in saline habitats showed everybody very clear why pharma industry is already part of the desalination business peaking up with great R&D activities searching and developing Bacteria, Archaea and Eukarya helping desalination water and separating trace elements.

Concentrating, at very low energy and temperatures values, up to nearly saturation membrane distillation does show how selective a process column and cascade can be build and operated today. Set up in very harsh environments such as a concentration of fracking water before deep well injection membrane distillation is a very young and strong technology.

During the last 3 years DME did based on one decade of work in technologies investigate thousands of R&D reports, patents and publications. Building up a Desalination Classification System joining working principles and other binding technical elements today we know what the world is searching on and filling patents of. This gives the chance to know what technology will knock the door of our desalination market next day to enter and influence what we are doing today.

Overall no magic but just structured and accurate work to be done for a longer period of time on a global level.

In case you are interested to learn more please feel free to get in contact with us.