Membrane Recycling

Since the beginning of this year a new company was established providing a certified and professional way to dispose water treatment membranes at the end of lifetime. This not only in Germany underestimated issue leads meanwhile to the refuse of acceptance of water and sewage management membranes by noted recycling companies.

Already 2015 spiral wound Reverse Osmosis Membranes were showing a production volume of app. 1.5 Mio. pcs. and 70% of it were used to refurbish operating plants. This corresponds to a amount of more than 100.000 tons of waste with loads natriumchlorid, sludges and in some cases up to radio nuclides descended out of this product use. And still not considered is the volume of Nano and Ultra Filtration membranes which is also showing a growth in a two-digit percentage.

The performance of new founded company MemRe GmbH begins with the registration of your membranes in operation in a manufacturer independent database. In the event of a membrane exchange the data will be updated resp. carried on. This is the same for any other data or information of the specific plant. Due to possible cooperation with any membrane manufacturer the data can also be transferred directly and recalled at any time.

MemRe GmbH supports the operators exchange of membrane in any regards already in a planning stage and guaranties a correct, professional and certified disposal. The same is for the form of transportation and labeling. In case of over sea shipment MemRe GmbH is planning the complete transportation according international regulations from the pick-up on site until the final destination.

MemRe GmbH does provide also special services for radioactive contaminated membranes if requested.

If an autopsy of a membrane is necessary the owner of the membrane will learn more about the contents in and on the membranes reported in an analytic report. The certificate of disposal preformed by MemRe GmbH to its customers confirms conclusively the process and completes the documentation requirements of customers and e.g. regulators, official or governmental authorities or the board of control.

All data for the identification of the individual disposed modules, including comparisons with the manufacturer data such as the name and the batch number are recorded for customers and auditable archiving.

If required, even after many years, a log can be created at any time throughout the disposal process. MemRe GmbH does provide a online and offline process for request that can be send easily will provide an offer covering the complete performance. Online request for Membrane Recycling here!

MemRe GmbH will be availabel at IFAT 2016 (Stand EWE.3) and present its service portfolio at the stand of German Water Desalination (Deutsche Meerwasserentsalzung, DME e.V.) . IFAT 2016 will take place in Munich from 30 May to 3 June 2016.