Date: 18.06.2015 – Duisburg

Everybody is familiar with MSF, MED, RO, NF, UF. Some might have been in contact with MD and FO. But how knows-how this works and how knows what comes next after MD and FO. DME has based on its know-how of desalination technology gathered a group of new and interesting technologies being presented by inventors, owners of patents and researchers showing where we will go in desalination in the future.

As we all know new and good ideas in desalination are getting more and more needed DME is very proud having gathered this group of people coming and showing a very new way of thinking how to desalinate brackish and seawater in the future.

In order to set your expectations you should NOT think of this event to be a shopping area for your company but an illustration of what comes up next; but you may find interesting contacts and people you may stay in contact with in the future.

Books about Future Desalination Technologies you can find here (LINK)

News about desalination market and technologies here (LINK)